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To install/reinstall any Microsoft office version like Office 365, Office 2019, Office 2016 etc. on your computer or laptop visit office.com/setup. Downloading and installing Microsoft office setup is very easy. To install office setup, you must have a valid 25 digit office setup product key.

Where do I Find My Microsoft Office Product Key?

Microsoft Office product key is a 25 digit alpha-numeric code and office activation code can be found on the back side of the card you have purchased or on the registered email. (If purchased online)

Simplest Steps to Install MS Office Setup on PC

Check step by step guide to download, install and activate office setup with product key at www.office.com/setup below:

  1. Firstly visit the official website of Microsoft office. And sign in.
  2. If you don’t have office account then create office account with entering username, email and password and then sign in.
  3. Enter 25 digit office setup activation codes to install office 365/2019 or 2016 on pc.
  4. Click on the www.office.com/setup version you want to download.
  5. An office setup file download will be started.
  6. After the download process is complete, double click on setup file to run office setup and complete office install process.
  7. You will be asked to agree with the terms and conditions. Click yes on that.
  8. Wait to complete the installation and click on finish.
  9. Now activate office setup by clicking on activate button. So you will see a section where you have to enter your product key.
  10. Type the 25 digit office activation code and click on next.
  11. You may be asked to agree with some permission. Click yes on that.

Simplest Steps to Install MS Office Setup on Mac

  1. Visit the Mac App Store and search for Microsoft office 365.
  2. Download and Install Microsoft office on your device. (the process is same as installing in pc.)
  3. Now click on Office symbol and afterward click Get Started pursued by what’s new so the actuation process will be started.
  4. Now enter the office setup product key in required field.
  5. Enter your Mac login password and click Install office programming.
  6. Open the Launchpad symbol in the dock to open any one of your office applications.
  7. And click on activate to enter office setup product key for office activation.

Microsoft Office Applications | www.office.com/setup


Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used text editor that is known to almost everyone. It is mostly used to produce, edit, saving and printing documents.


Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet designed by Microsoft. It is widely used for calculation, analysis, and visualization of data and information.


Just like Word and Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint is also an important application of Microsoft Office and is mostly used create presentation, slides, animations and much more. You can also share your work online anytime.


Microsoft Outlook is world’s most loved email app designed for computers, tablets, androids and IOS. You can simply add any email address to Outlook for on-line and offline uses.


Access is a database management system. With Microsoft Access users can create data bases from the scratch and you can also import and export to other Office applications at any time.


Microsoft OneNote is your digital book. With OneNote you can create a note which includes text, comments, images, stickers and you can share your note with other OneNote users over the internet.


This one is a desktop publishing application. With Publisher easily create business cards, greeting cards, calendars, newsletters and much, much more.


Microsoft OneDrive provides you additional space to save lots of your important data on-line. With OneDrive you can get upto 15GBs of cloud space for free of cost.

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