Why webroot safe antivirus is best for our Laptop?

Webroot safe is the antivirus software which can quickly block viruses which comes while working on the web. It is very necessary that you must have antivirus for your PC or Laptop, to protect your data from online hacking and to secure from damage. So, to protect your system download and install antivirus software webroot from www.webroot.com/safe. It gives the high class protection to both for home based and for professional use.

While download webroot antivirus – you should have the internet connection with high speed, your device must have windows 7 or above, android 4.1 or above, RAM must be of 2 GB and also have some free space in your disk space.

Download and Install Webroot Safe on your device:

  • In the search bar, visit webroot.com/safe
  • The webroot installation file will automatically download to your computer, wsainstall.exe
  • Search the installation file wsainstall.exe and then double click to begin installation
  • Install webroot software
  • Enter the key code
  • Follow all the instructions appear on the screen

How do I activate my Webroot Subscription?

  • Click the webroot icon
  • Select open webroot secure anywhere
  • Go to the main window
  • Click the gear icon which is next to My Webroot Account
  • Enter new keycode
  • Click Activate

How do I know if Webroot is working?

  • Welcome to the Webroot community
  • Then check WSA is active
  • Then check the color of the WSA icon
  • “W” will be in a circle and if the webroot is working then the circle should be in Green

How to fix webroot error?

Once you have installed Webroot antivirus, then keep the antivirus updated. But if the product is showing “invalid” error message while installing then check that you are entering the correct webroot key code. To troubleshoot the error, follow these errors:

  • Enter key code correctly
  • If you are finding some error while typing the code, then simply copy and paste the code.
  • If there is any previous webroot software installed then first uninstalled the previous version of webroot software
  • Click on Submit a support ticket

But if you still have some problem, then connect to Webroot support team.

24/7 Technical Support:

The technical team of webroot.com/safe will solve your entire problem which you are facing in installing, activating, downloading the webroot safe antivirus. For assistance call toll free number for a wide range to support you. For more information just visit to this site-www.webroot.com/safeinstallation.

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