Microsoft Office 365: Get it on Mac App Store Now with Trackpad Sketching

On 24th January 2019, Apple declared that now Apple user can download signature apps and use MS Office 365 from the Mac App Store to enjoy famous MS Office suite applications like Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and the complete suite of Microsoft’s famous applications. You can read it on the blog of Microsoft at

For Apple users, MS Office suite introduced later after Apple declared its first Worldwide Developers Conference previous year when the Cupertino which a California-based technical organization assured that the MS Office suite would be handy to Apple users by the 2018 end. Apple announced that Apple users can buy MS Office subscription within the apps, which was produced especially to support characteristics that are different for the Mac experience. Due to Apple’s comfortable sand boxing laws, many more important software suites are or will be possibly available on the store.

What Apple and Microsoft Stated?

Phil Schiller is Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing stated, “Apple and Microsoft have worked together to bring great Office productivity to Mac users from the very beginning. Now, with Office 365 on the Mac App Store, it’s easier than ever to get the latest and best version of Office 365 for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.”

Jared Spataro is a corporate vice president at Microsoft said, “We are excited to announce that today Office 365 is arriving in the Mac App Store. We have worked closely with Apple to provide Mac users with the very best productivity experience — one that offers everything they know and love about Office through an experience uniquely designed for the Mac.” at blog.

In one of the statements of Microsoft, they said that “Move your finger on the Trackpad and watch the ink flow across the screen.” which is available in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

MS Office 365 for Mac – Good NEWS for Apple Users

One of the best characters, Digital ink support is available in the Windows version of MS Office. Macs are not available without touch-screen but the advance editions of MS Office for Mac now try to approach that missing part by appending the technique to ink with your Trackpad, which is superb.

Sometimes in a firm, a person needs access to MS Office suite application in their device at home and MS Office 365 available on the Mac App Store can now be quickly available to users using Apple Business Manager which is a primary platform where firms can extend devices, apps, and privileges. Now organizations can instantly allow representatives to get to work with their popular MS Office applications over Mac, iPad, and iPhone, with numerous unique characteristics produced especially for Apple devices.

MS Office 365 gives many features on the Mac and MacOS devices, like Dark Mode, Action Camera, On-demand OneDrive Files, and Touch Bar accessibility for MacBook Pro. MS Office applications on Apple connected to the cloud, so you can use your files from anywhere on any device, coauthor with anyone and also use the ability of artificial intelligence (AI) to produce more impactful files with limited energy.

The complete MS Office 365 suite covers 6 applications:

  • MS Excel,
  • MS PowerPoint,
  • MS OneDrive,
  • MS OneNote,
  • MS Outlook, and
  • MS Word and you can download the apps you want.

Once the free trial is completed, the subscription rate for such 6 MS application suite is $69.99. If you have any previous MS Office 365 subscription, you can use it also.

If you are facing any issues related to Mac MS Office 365 version then visit and gets support now!

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