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In the quest for the ultimate security solution, today’s users want two features that may seem to conflict: flawless protection and minimal impact on resources.

In the quest for the ultimate security solution, today’s users want two features that may seem to conflict: flawless protection and minimal impact on resources.

Computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones gather an array of sensitive data that, in the wrong hands, could harm the owners and people around them. Identity details (full name, address, work place, social security number) or financial data (current bank accounts, credit cards, and passwords) should remain safe at all times and costs. And the user should not face significant slowdowns in exchange for that safety.

Not all antivirus solutions are made equal though. Some are fast and flashy, while others are bulky watchdogs. Users often fear they must choose between those two options. But there’s another way:

When it comes to detecting and blocking threats, Bitdefender is the unmatched industry leader since 2010. Due to technological breakthroughs since the beginning of 2013, Bitdefender is also the fastest.

This year, apart from best detection, Bitdefender Central also scores top in performance. Performance stands for the average impact on computer speed when visiting websites, downloading software, installing and running programs, copying data and general daily use. The following chart, based on data by leading independent analysis firm AV-TEST, proves Bitdefender leads the performance board in 2013.

Minimum performance impactJan/Feb 2013Mar/Apr 2013May/Jun 2013

To master the fine art of light and fast, Bitdefender uses a technology called Photon. Built on top of the SmartDB technology first introduced in 2012, Photon adds a critical component in the application reputation system of SmartDB: the Cloud.

Photon technology observes installed applications on a user’s computer and molds to that particular PC by learning which processes need monitoring and which ones don’t. The result lets the software fully concentrate resources on potentially malicious files.

Detection and protection remain the fields with the most wins in independent tests for Bitdefender. The following graphic shows constant and steady growth of Bitdefender triumphs in terms of protection, repair and usability against its top competitors in security tests conducted by AV-TEST.

The results of all AV-TEST trials attest to Bitdefender’s ability to detect “widespread and prevalent malware” and offer 100 percent protection against zero-day malware attacks, as well as its expertise in “cleaning and repairing of a malware-infected computer.”

 “In some of our most exhaustive testing ever, Bitdefender proved to be the reigning antidote to infection,” said AV-TEST CEO Andreas Marx. “The company has done great things with its repair technologies. When your computer is infected, Bitdefender is the one to go to.”

Our top of the class detection wouldn’t be possible without advanced heuristics, but this is only one of the layers of detection we rely on: complementary technologies such as sandboxing and active virus control (AVC) ensure that every possibly suspicious process is constantly monitored and action is taken based on its behavior.

Now, ask yourself why you are installing a security solution? To protect against a few threats while not interfering with your work much? Is it to protect against most threats, even if it means a frustrating daily experience on a sluggish computer?

Or do you seek full protection, all the time, with no noticeable impact on your computer? Try the new Bitdefender Central. We know what you need and we deliver it.

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